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We know that you understand: that you will not be fully available for that project. That outstanding opportunities hardly appear on the market. That well priced assets are snapped away within no time. You have found the right organisation to transform your dream into a reality and a great success.

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Wise Stone can advice and guide you, on all aspects of your investment: being 100% in line with your precise needs.

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Wise Stone has created methods, tools and expertises to guarantee that your objectives will be 100% matched/achieved.

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Wise Stone has developed a positive environment to ensure that you will have access to the best opportunities on the market.

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As experienced property hunters, we put our clients’s trust at the center of all our actions.


Wise stone provides all needed coaching to make your dream comes true.

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There are many obstacle to be overcome and with our support, you will. We are a highly experienced property hunter organisation with more than 30 years of experience.

Committed property hunters

Our team is capable to study opportunities on 100% of the market, and is always 100% available for you.

Efficient property hunters

We are an experienced property hunters firm, which has created specific tools, methods, to guarantee that 100% of our clients achieve 100% of their objectives.

Agile property hunters

At the heart of our strategy and our processes, there are the latest communication facilities, based on the finest IT available.

We will share with you 100% of what we know.

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We can do many things for you, that can be proposed in 3 packages. All this packages are designed to guarantee 100% success rate. They correspond to 3 levels of clients needs and Wise Stone’s engagements.

Green package


We sign a mandate (exclusive or not) to search and find your property. The mandate includes our assistance to finalize all legal aspects needed to finalise the purchase.

Orange package


In addition, this formula includes our assistance to realize a first feasibility study for potentiel works you, that you may want to do on that property.

Blue package


In this formula Wise Stone also engage in carrying out a tender with local companies and artisans.

We usually work for a flat fee which correspond to 2 to 5% of the purchasing price. The fee is only paid when the sale is signed.

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Our property hunters organisation will deploy a great deal of talents to match a 100% of you objective. Tell us more about your project so that we can study it, and contact you there after.

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To conform with the General Regulation for Data Protection (GRDP) applying in Europe from May 25th 2018, WISE STONE has put in place specific procedures to ensure total confidentiality of your data, that could only be shared with relevant experts. I expressly give WS the autorisation to use my data, only for the purpose of the signed mandate. I acknowledge that some needed experts may also have access, and that WS will delete all my personal data at my 1st written request.
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Our partners


Wise Stone has created an extensive network of partners and experts in all potentially needed fields, selected professionals including lawyers, architects, solicitors, surveyors, interior designers, etc. To guarantee its clients with best in class and tailor made services.

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Last news


19 Jun 2018

7 of the best Paris apartments for rent

The Paris we see today owes much to the work of Baron Haussmann, who led an overhaul of the whole city back in the 19th century. Its present-day residential architecture remains a hallmark of that transformation. But there are more than just Haussmann-style properties on offer for visitors. We’ve scoured the streets to bring you five of the best Paris apartments to rent, in everything from former factories to contemporary townhouses….

Gilded apartment in Saint-Germain-des-Prés

You can get a glimpse of the grander side of the city, in this elaborately gilded Paris apartment for rent on the Left Bank. Antiques dot its parquet-floored interiors, while oil paintings and bookshelves filled with vintage volumes line the walls.

A former chocolate factory on the Left Bank

This light and airy apartment on the Paris’ Left Bank is close to the action, but tucked away behind a quiet, greenery filled courtyard. It inhabits a former chocolate factory, which means high ceilings and wide, open-plan spaces. A mezzanine dining room sits under a sloping glass roof.

Artist’s loft in Bastille

Huge windows are the main selling point for this former warehouse, which looks out across the Bastille rooftops. Interiors are decked out in a soothing palette of whitewashed walls and pale flooring, and come filled with a pleasingly haphazard collection of furniture and art.

Haussmann-era apartment in the Marais

This slice of Haussmannian Paris is tucked away in the Marais. It features the requisite parquet flooring and crown moldings, juxtaposed with contemporary furniture.

The Pierre Levée Residence

Double height ceilings and oversized windows give this Parisian townhouse – near Canal St Martin – its loft-style edge. Design details from around the world fill the space, such as a wooden painted door from India in one of the bedrooms.

A former factory in Montreuil

A Modernist design and a Mondrian-inspired colour scheme blend together in this bright Paris apartment, also sited inside a converted factory. The property retains the building’s original metal beams and double-height ceilings. It lies on the city’s outer perimeter.

Art and design-filled apartment in the 14th

Midcentury design pieces and modern art prints fill this three-bedroom apartment in Paris’ 14th arrondissement. At the heart of the space is a Cubist-inspired winding staircase joining the main living space to the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms.

5 May 2018

13th arrondissement: lowest prices in Paris?

When you think of where to look for more affordable properties in Paris, the northern and eastern ‘quartier populaires’ come to mind. But the 13th arrondissement in the city’s south should not be forgotten: it is one of only three where average asking prices remain below €8,000 per m2.

It is known mainly for its universities and one of Paris’ two Chinatowns. But as a destination for affordable property purchase and investment with a long-term view, it rarely gets a look-in. This might partly be down to the fact it offers less in the way of bars, cafes, clubs and culture to young, creative outgoing types than similarly priced 18th-20th arrondissements, and so it figures less in the conversation about ‘where to be’. But its value is undeniable. Several universities lie at its northern portion as well as the lovely Latin Quarter; it is surrounded by the Seine to its north and east; it is well-served by the RER C and lines 6, 7 and 14, the latter of which is getting an extension as part of the Grand Paris project. The country’s national library, and Paris’ only pool on the seine, also figure in its northern edge.

And average asking prices for apartments, excluding fees, are sitting at just €7,936 per m2. That’s a whole €2,000 less than the city-wide average, so you’d save €100,000 when buying a 50m2, for example). Only the 19th and 20th are cheaper. It saw a wealth of post-war construction which gives it a less authentic Parisian feel as Haussmannian buildings dominate less than in other parts of the city. It is dominated by new-builds that, while not to everyone’s taste, offer great value for money.

And it has the highest proportion of green space of any arrondissement (unless you count the Bois de Boulognes and Vincennes as part of the 16th and 12th arrondissements). In fact, one part of the 13th stands out for its leafy, village-like feel: the Butte aux Cailles area – a pocket of charming homes and low rise buildings lining cobble stone streets. This area is one of the best kept secrets in Paris. At the end of the 20th century the arrondissement was mostly brownfield sites and industrial depots. The ‘Rive Gauche’ project in the 1990s started to change that, bringing in massive urban redevelopment including the construction of the BNF, the country’s largest public library, and huge building projects around that are ongoing today. With these projects its neighborhoods have seen an influx of younger working professionals mixing with the existing working classes, though to a lesser degree than the often-discussed 2nd, 10th, 11th, and 18th-20th.


21 Apr 2018

2024 Olympics: effects on real estate?

Everyone from city planners to ordinary homeowners in Paris are rubbing their hands together with glee at the opportunities the event in seven years will provide.

“It’s nothing more than a formality,” wrote one commentator on the news that Los Angeles had pulled out of the race to host the 2024 Olympics. All that remains is for the IOC to make it official when it meets in Lima, Peru, on September 13. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said: “I am hugely optimistic: we’ll do everything to ensure the vote in Lima, on September 13, is a historic day.” Seven years might be a long time, but one predictable effect has already been seen: an explosion in the capital’s short term rental-value. Tweets from homeowners in the capital following the news advertised their properties for short-term stays during the championships, for 15 to 20 times the going market rate. An apartment in the 17th arrondissement for €6,800 a week, for example, with some owners in the historic center of the city advertising five-figure weekly rates for ordinary 1-bed flats. Homeowners might soon start pricing the lucrative opportunities the summer of 2024 will provide when selling their ideally located Paris properties, adding to price growth that is already defying expectations month to month. See the map below of Paris 2024’s main sites for which areas will benefit the most from this effect.

Bernard Cadeau, of listings and news site ORPI, warned against getting carried away by the effect the Olympics will have in the short-term. When it comes to the effect of the event on property prices in the capital, the effect is more likely to be spread out and long-term. Considering how to use Paris 2024 without also considering the Greater Paris project is erroneous.

“Anyone thinking that merely buying now or in 2023 and then selling in 2024 to see capital gains of 20% is gravely mistaken. Real estate is a long game. There is no short-term windfall, as with a stock market.”

Most observers note that the biggest effect the Olympics will have is giving a huge boost to the massive infrastructure investment already being undertaken in the Greater Paris area. With such a gulf in the new-build price per square meter between Paris and its suburbs, those outer regions have huge upward price potential.

If there was any complacency whatsoever among policymakers in ensuring that those regions become better-served by transport, more productive economically, and more attractive to investors, this news has snuffed it out. Suburbs touted to benefit the most include Saint-Denis and Val d’Oise, which will become major transport hubs.


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