You have a real estate project

In Paris, its region or in France,
Your new home or pied-a-terre,
For your own use or as a pure investment.

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Make it a success, with experienced property hunters


You are well aware: that you won't be available enough for your project. That outstanding opportunities hardly appear on the market. That great properties at market price are snapped away immediately. With our support at each step, you will overcome all obstacles. Our extensive experience, can assure you to enjoy the challenge and results. Our only aim is, to be at the heart of your success.

Wise Stone’s Key-plus 1


Being 100% in line with all your objectives and financial interests. We advice, guide and assist you, at each step and on all aspects of your project.

Wise Stone’s Key-plus 2


We have created and use best in class methods and tools based on the finest available IT. We have gathered all needed expertise, to guarantee that your objectives will be 100% matched.

Wise Stone’s Key-plus 3


At the heart of your success, there is the positive environment that we generate. To ensure that you will have access to the best opportunities on the market and snapped them.

Wise Stone’s Key-plus 4


It is never given, every time we gain it, delivering what has been agreed, and often more. We have the culture to go the extra mile for you. We put our clients’s trust at the center of all our actions.


We provide you with all needed experience, energy, assistance and determination to make the best of your real estate dreams.

With your 100 % dedicated advisor


WISE STONE is structured to deliver the best possible support, totally focus on making a susses of your project. All key ingredients are in our DNA. And because we are a highly experienced property hunter organisation, with more than 30 years of experience.

Committed property hunters

We search opportunities on 100% of the market, and are always available for you, to exchange information and to act promptly. Following a strict code of ethics.

Efficient property hunters

The effectiveness our organisation and our methodology, the quality of our tools as well as our extensive experience, guarantee that all our clients achieve 100% of their objectives.

Agile property hunters

We are designed to be agile; to anticipate, adapt promptly and act swiftly. Using the latest communication facilities, based on the finest available IT, to keep you in command.

We will share with you, 100% of what we know, not just keep you informed.

Our engagements

Service Levels

We can do many things for you, and adapt our level of assistance to your exact needs. All our services are designed to guarantee 100% success rate. They can be presented in 3 levels of clients needs and resulting levels of engagements for us.

About the Fees

Mission - Type 1


We assist you all along the process : to find (visits, ...), negotiate and secure your deal. And we assist you to finalize all legal aspects needed to finalise efficiently the purchase.

Mission - Type 2


In addition our engagements include assisting you to realize a first feasibility study for works, you intend to do on your new property.

Mission - Type 3


In this formula Wise Stone also engage at your side, in carrying out a tender with local companies and artisans.

We usually work for a flat fee, which corresponds to 2 to 5% of the purchasing price. And very importantly our fee is only paid, when the sale is officially signed.

Your project

About you

Our property hunters organisation will deploy a great deal of talents to match 100% of your objectives. Tell us more about your project, so that we can start studying it, and contact you there after.

Your purpose Property region Type of property Precise the size of this desired property (m²) Number of bedroom Special requests Your budget Time limit Your contact Your project has been sent
What type of property are you looking for ? What would be the ideal place for your project ? Precise the type of property you want us to find Property size How many bedrooms would you like ? Tell us more if you have other special requests for this property What is your ideal budget ? In order to define your project, tell us about your time limit
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Personnal data
To conform with the General Regulation for Data Protection (GRDP) applying in Europe from May 25th 2018, WISE STONE has put in place specific procedures to ensure total confidentiality of your data, that could only be shared with relevant experts. I expressly give WS the autorisation to use my data, only for the purpose of the signed mandate. I acknowledge that some needed experts may also have access, and that WS will delete all my personal data at my 1st written request.
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Our partners


In order to guarantee that we offer to our clients, best in class and tailor made services. So we have created an extensive network of partners and experts in many potentially needed fields. And we have selected preferred partners such as lawyers, architects, solicitors, surveyors, interior designers, etc.

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